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My philosophy

Why take photographs? Because a photograph allows to convey emotions; emotions which, in most cases, find themselves in the details. Detail is the major element of the photograph, the one that will give all the beauty to a picture so much so regarding originality as quality. A photograph that can tell a story of emotional events –like a wedding for instance- and, at the same time, convey emotions at its sight is, for me, a successful one. Obtaining such a result is my greatest purpose in the photographic world but also in my daily life. By fetching the detail and the emotion, I try to appropriate at best the environment in which I operate and that is what enhances the quality of a picture!

About me

A detail too many or a detail too little can completely change a picture. The photographs I take are in adequacy with my personality. Creativity, quality and reactivity are my key words. Because each pixel is important, I make sure that each transition is the most successful possible. Therefore I get involved as much as I can in the job at hand and grant it the time needed for an optimal realisation. With every pressure on the shutter release, I try to capture what I see through the viewfinder by adding to it my personal touch. It is by his style that the person behind the viewfinder can be recognised.

"A talented Photographer..." -
"A perfectionist..." - Proximag Cover


FINALIST  -   Photography Contest "Festival Nature Ain"
FINALIST   -   Photography Contest "Tour de France" by Canon and Studio Sixe

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